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Internet threats never stop trying to get inside your network, so you need a robust set of computer defense tools to keep your data and systems safe from prying eyes.

If you store sensitive employee and customer data on your network servers, then you need to have strict security protections in place to keep them safe. That’s because cybercriminals never let up, and their forays into your territory -- with viruses, ransomware, and phishing scams -- get more sophisticated and dangerous by the day.

To make sure they can’t steal data, slow down computers, and interfere with website performance, your cybersecurity tools must be comprehensive and cutting-edge. For businesses in and around Wichita, we’re the leader in firewalls, intrusion-detection, and malware protection, fully managed for you by certified cybersecurity technicians.

“Even though you haven’t been affected so far, it’s likely that your business is vulnerable to a hacker attack, and it’s only a matter of time. That’s the stark reality for small- and mid-sized companies lacking the expertise required to ensure they don’t become another statistic.”

Our Cybersecurity solutions implement a two-tiered methodology in the pursuit of perfection:

  • Awareness - Automated, state-of-the-art security tracking activity 24/7, coupled with our technicians’ proactive monitoring, means you’ll have a protective partner working around the clock on your behalf to detect anomalies and keep every endpoint on lockdown.
  • Activity - Awareness helps only if you’re able to react quickly to abnormal behavior, dangerous files, and hazardous infections. That’s precisely what our tools are set up to do: Halt breaches immediately and mend the exploited vulnerability absolutely.
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