IT Solutions

Data Encryption

We specialize in easy-to-implement tools that encrypt any form of company data, from files to graphics to photos, across all your computers and mobile devices.

If you send emails, attach images in chat apps, and access files in the cloud, then you are at risk. At risk of hackers peering in on and then exploiting whatever information is contained in those messages, documents, and folders. So as part of your organization’s cybersecurity program, we recommend a centralized data encryption service.

The Technology Specialist’s encryption service shields any form of company data from prying eyes. It allows business owners to customize which data gets encrypted, works on all devices and databases, and is easy to manage from a browser-based console. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, from deployment & training to updates & support.

“Business using online tools need to be “data-centric,” which means they have to do more than simply set up a standard data backup & recovery scheme.”

Our Data Encryption solution is easy to use and full of features:

  • Support for all operating systems
  • Robust tracking and reporting tools
  • Protection for files, apps, transactions, and identities
  • Coverage for on-premises, cloud, and virtual environments
  • Central management of settings and response mechanisms
  • Intel
  • Allworx
  • StorageCraft
  • WatchGuard Gold Partner