Managed Services

When an expert like The Technology Specialist provides round-the-clock care for your IT, you can provide round-the-clock care for your customers.

Minute-to-Minute Monitoring

Fully managed services mean servers and systems are evaluated day and night

24/7 Proactive Maintenance

All areas of office IT are observed so problems are solved before they emerge

Comprehensive Coverage

Computers, software apps, mobile devices, data, all managed by our technicians

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Internet threats & network weaknesses, detected and systematically disposed of

Updates & Upgrades Included

99.99% availability thanks to the latest software patches and up-to-date apps

Affordability & Predictability

Pay a monthly fee just like your other utilities, but this one’s fixed and fair

How will Managed Services benefit your organization?

By providing an all-inclusive IT solution that takes recurring issues completely off the table for you and your staff.

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Managed Services reduce costs

Let The Technology Specialist reduce your hardware, software, and opportunity costs with a Managed Services plan that ensures you’ll get the very most out of your technology investments and enhances employee productivity simply by eliminating downtime.