Why Choose Us

Top 7 Reasons to Outsource The Technology Specialist For Your IT Needs

Stephen Lee, Director of Technology / Brandis Kelly, President / Shayne Yonce, Founder and CEO.

1. We Are The Dental IT Gurus

That means we understand your incredibly hectic and stressful work schedule and WHY it’s critical to remove obstacles, frustrations, and technical problems to keep you productive. We understand your desire to eliminate waste, extra steps, workarounds, and manual labor. We also have tech support available 24/7/365 since we know you don’t work the normal “9-5” day and can help you maintain the freedom to work remotely while making sure you meet compliance standards for data security and backups.

2. We Are Software Agnostic And We Use Our Vendor Relationships To YOUR Advantage

Having an advanced level of partnership with key vendors (Dentrix, EagleSoft, Softdent, Goetze Dental, Henry Schein, Dexis, among others) allows us access to special pre- and post-project assistance support levels that other “partners” do not easily have access to. We provide the right solutions, priced right and validated by the vendor, so if any issues come up, we can get them resolved quickly and effectively.

3. Our Experts Understand And Provide HIPAA Risk Assessments And Services

We take matters of compliance seriously and understand the importance of specifically addressing the various technology-related challenges in today’s workplace. Our comprehensive solution involves an interview process, documenting the physical/visual aspects of HIPAA, an awareness training class for your staff, a complete book with details and evidence pertaining to your practice, and a task list of things that can be done to improve your overall HIPAA score. We assist with the implementation and enforcement of policies once the initial workup is complete and conduct follow-ups to maintain accepted standards.

4. We Have A Team Of 10 Dental Technology Experts On Staff

Unlike other IT firms, who have one or two guys trying to juggle multiple projects and wear various hats, we have a team of engineers on staff with diverse, specialized areas of expertise who work together to deliver the most effective and correct solutions to you. As a client, you are assigned to one of these teams. That means you’ll always be able to get someone on the phone who knows YOU and understands YOUR environment and YOUR systems to provide helpful answers and quick resolutions of problems instead of having to talk to a complete stranger hundreds of miles away who knows nothing about you or your systems and wastes your time asking a lot of really dumb and annoying questions to try and “help” you.

5. Our Guaranteed 10 Minute Response Time Is Superior To IT Firms You’ve Used In The Past.

Don’t waste your time waiting for IT provider to call you back. We value your time and want your issue resolved as fast as you do so you can get back to doing what you do best, taking care of your patients. We GUARANTEE you will speak with a LIVE person when you call and you’ll have a response in 10 minutes OR LESS.

6. We Live Here, We Work Here, We Give Here

We are a Wichita-based and operated company. Our founder and nearly all of the staff have lived in either the South-Central Kansas area or the North Texas region their entire lives. When you call us, you’re talking to someone who is local, someone who can resolve your issue quickly and efficiently, and not some random person in another state who just puts in a service request that responds days later. Best of all, we love the opportunity to work and serve right here at home along-side those who use and appreciate our service to them.

7. You Won’t Have A Contract With Us, Ever

We won’t make you sign a long-term contract with us, making you feel like you’re “locked in” to your decision. Our NO CONTRACT, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is simple: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. We promise that we will complete your project to your satisfaction or won’t pay us a dime! We are flexible and easy to work with, offering a variety of managed support options, ranging from back-end maintenance and monitoring for issues, to user help-desk support with ticketing, to strategy and budget and asset/license life-cycle management. We have successfully provided these services for over 12 years as a company with over 100 years of IT experience within our staff. We are confident you’ll be happy you switched to us, or we’ll help you transition to a new provider.